TS3 Certificates

    Chart listing the academic majors that holders of the TS3 may follow at AUST 

    By virtue of Resolution # 780 - 2013, issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and as of the fall semester of the academic year 2013 – 2014, all students who have successfully completed the TS3 official degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 12/20 may apply for higher education at various accredited colleges / universities within the scope of the majors listed in the following chart.It remains for the institutions concerned (in this case AUST) to determine what credits are transferable provided that a minimum of 50% of the credits required are taken at the institution that will issue the degree.(AUST)

    However, a minimum of 70% of the credits required to earn a degree in Engineering or a degree whose completion requires 5 academic years (or 10 equivalent semesters) must be taken at the institution that will issue the degree.(AUST)

    The Lebanese Equivalence Committee on Higher Education and of the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education has the right to determine the streams not provided in this resolution at which the TS3 allows admission.

    TS3 Certificate Fields to which TS3 admits

    Optics and Optometry

    Clinical Lab Sciences

    Nursing Care

    X-Ray Technology

    Health Sciences

    Graphic Design

    Pre – Press

    Fashion Design

    Interior Design

    Arts and Design

    Management Information Systems


    Marketing and Advertising

    Hospitality Management


    Administration and Organization

    Business (all fields)



    Computer Networking 

    Computer Science

    Computer and Communications Engineering

    Information and Communications Technology


    Note: Candidates who hold the Lebanese Government Secondary Certificate in Sociology and Economics, General Sciences or Literature and Humanities, or hold the BT3 in Nursing and who are heading towards Clinical Laboratory Sciences must take BIO 200 & CHE 200.

    Those following the literary stream at the freshman level must take BIO 101 & CHE 101.

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