Financial Aid

    It is the philosophy of AUST that students should not be denied the opportunity to further their education because of limited financial resources. The Student Financial Aid Program was developed to provide qualified students with financial aid in the form of scholarships and work/study grants.

    The following is a brief description of the major forms of financial aid available to eligible AUST students.

    1. Scholarships

    The American University of Science and Technology is a growing institution with low tuition fees and with limited financial resources.  Accordingly, the University will grant partial scholarships to candidates who have financial need, have completed a minimum of 24 credits and are registered on full- time basis (not less than 12 credits per semester), and who maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of not less than 3.5  out of a possible 4.0.

    The scholarship will be granted for one academic semester, and will cover between10% and 30% of the student’s tuition fees.

    2. Work / Study Grants

    This program is designed to assist full-time students with proven financial needs to cover part of the cost of their education. The qualified students are assigned tasks that help them develop their working and academic skills during their free periods.  Ordinarily, students may work in the library or at the reception desks, assist faculty members, or help in administrative services.

    3. Siblings and those who lost their father

    Siblings (brothers or sisters) who are registered at the undergraduate level are entitled to 10% reduction on their tuition fees. Furthermore, those who have lost their fathers are entitled to 15% reduction on their tuition fees.

    It should be noted that undergraduate students who fall in the above two categories will not benefit from these reductions if they do not register on full time basis (less than12 credit hours), and if they are on academic probation.

    Graduate students who fall in one of the above categories will not benefit from such reductions.

    4. Merit Scholarships for Lebanese Baccalaureate Achievers

    Each year AUST extends partial scholarships for the top five achievers in the Lebanese Government Secondary Certificate (previously Lebanese Bacc II). This is done with the purpose of enlisting top achievers into its various programs.

    Application Procedure for Financial Aid

    Students who may qualify to benefit from the financial aid program should apply for financial assistance through the Office of the Dean of Students and Admissions at AUST before the end of the first month of the semester. The application and the supporting documents will be studied by the Financial Aid Committee, which will decide on the student’s eligibility and the amount of aid to be granted, depending on the financial aid and scholarship budget allocated for the year in question. Application results are to be retrieved from the Office of the Dean of Students and Admissions.

    The University does not consider applications for financial aid for the Summer Sessions.

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