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    The Teaching Diploma Program envisions a world in which education positively contributes to each person's ability to reach his or her potential in improving society. The goal of the program is to develop and offer a dynamic educational framework that will prepare students to become effective teachers in their community. The program would like to advance the use of information and technology for teaching and learning. The program moreover encourages and values interdisciplinary and collaborative endeavors by faculty members and students.

    The program also recognizes the role of doing research in the development of faculty members and students. The Teaching Diploma Program is increasing its activity in scholarly work and research and encouraging research by both faculty members and students. To strengthen the scholarly activities, the program envisions that it will be able to plan and hold conferences, workshops seminars, and community outreach projects on a regular basis.



    The Teaching Diploma Program aims to develop professional educators through the careful integration of technology, theory and practice, and to provide opportunities for students to develop their capabilities so that they might become members of a community of teachers/scholars who conduct research and disseminate knowledge with pedagogical intent. This mission is grounded in understandings that teachers’ personal identities are an integral part of their professional identities, and that teaching is a reflective process and an integral part of lifelong and continuous professional development.

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