3D Animation

Since 3D design has become an essential part of graphics, art and multimedia industry, and due to the fact that 3D graphics and animation are used in virtual environments, computer games, film productions, presentations, medical illustrations, architectural visualizations and on the web, the 3D Animation Certificate covers all the techniques involved in creating 3D objects and short animations. Through the 5-offered courses, students are able to build simple models, texture them and create camera-based animations. These basic skills are then built on to enable students to explore modeling tools and techniques, work in Photoshop to create high quality texture maps, and to  understand lighting techniques and basic development of character animation.

Toward the end of the program, students will work in a Computer 3D Workshop and on Advance Modeling and Animation Topics. Students will be utilizing state-of-the-art software applications used in movies’, games’, and advertisements’ production, in software and the other entertainment industries. Throughout the program, students will be working on the advanced level of animation so as to meet the professional requirement of today’s market’s demands.

ANID 410 3D Animation II GDP 415
ANID 420 3D Animation III ANID 410
ANID 421 Character Animation ANID 410
ANID 430 Introduction to Digital Lighting ANID 421
ANID 440 Introduction to Compositing ANID 421
Course Descriptions
ANID 410
3D Animation II
This course builds on the concepts acquired in GDP 415 3D Animation and delves into more advanced topics such as organic modeling, IK chains and constraints
Prerequisite: GDP 415
ANID 420
3D Animation III
This is an advanced course covering the areas of character design and modeling. Students will be introduced to the different stages from sketching to modeling to final texturing and UV mapping. Projects will cover modeling of animal, fantasy and humanoid figures.
Prerequisite: ANID 410
ANID 421
Character Animation
This is an advanced course that covers the areas of character rigging and animation. The first part of the course deals with various techniques to rig a character using Bones, IK handles and custom expressions and scripts. The latter part focuses on the art of character animation, using pose-to-pose and freeform animation techniques.
Prerequisite: ANID 410
ANID 430
Introduction to Digital Lighting
This is a specialized course that deals with basic and advanced lighting techniques. Topics cover methods in interior lighting, exterior lighting, radiosity and Global Illumination. The assigned projects involve replicating real world lighting in various contexts.
Prerequisite: ANID 421
ANID 440
Introduction to Compositing
This is a specialized course that introduces the techniques of compositing and incorporating live footage with 3D-rendered imagery. The course also covers techniques of sound creation and editing, as well as application of sound effects to the composition projects.
Prerequisite: ANID 421

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