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The Certificate in Fine Art gives depth to the act of making art and nurtures personal expression. The five required courses introduces the student to contemporary issues in art, visual studies, creative processes, concept development, and the materials, techniques, and skills fundamental to fine art practice. This certificate is intended for those who wish to follow an advanced path in the field of Fine Arts; it equips students with tools to face the market’s challenges.

This certificate offers intensive training in the principle disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, with a significant emphasis on drawing as the basic language of any artistic development. Students develop skills and knowledge necessary to become an exhibiting artist whose work has a meaningful and distinct point of view.

DRA 202 Drawing II DRA 201
ART 420 Graphics & Printmaking DES 200 AND DRA 201
ART 360 Painting II ART 260
ART 460 Painting III ART 360
ART 480 Painting IV ART 460
Course Descriptions
DRA 202
Drawing II
A studio course that emphasizes on the anatomy of the human body, male and female, skeleton and muscles. The course concentrates on quick sketching of human figures and portraits in motion and in different positions, front, side and back views using various media creatively.
Prerequisite: DRA 201
ART 420
Graphics & Printmaking
This is an elective course that investigates the basic printing processes of Intaglio, planography, etching and relief through the use of linoleum sheets, wood carving, zinc sheets and silk screen, applying monotypes and polytypes through various printing skills.
Prerequisite: DES 200 AND DRA 201
ART 360
Painting II
An advanced study in painting where students learn how to deal with space in relation-ship to colors and forms. Different research will be assigned throughout the course focusing on painting styles and techniques.
Prerequisite: ART 260
ART 460
Painting III
This is an advanced course that continues presenting to students the various art schools with emphasis on abstraction, fauvism and pop art in an expressive manner. Subjects of landscapes, natural scenes and figure forms are stressed upon. Media used are gouache, mixed media, oil and acrylics.
Prerequisite: ART 360
ART 480
Painting IV
This is an advanced elective course that requires each student to create and execute eight paintings or projects, allowing greater depth and research in the development of a personal idiom.
Prerequisite: ART 460

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