Typography Program aims to familiarize designers with the use of type in both the design and the business environments; it is appropriate for those who work in graphic, product, packaging, exhibition, publishing, signage, and interior design.

The five offered courses target students from diverse disciplines, encouraging them to explore the various aesthetic and functional aspects of typographic form, visual organization, and interface between word and meaning. It also develops their observation, analytical and problem solving skills in designing, with the use of typography, a wide range of communicative items and environments.

Students will explore the application of two-dimensional and three-dimensional types of designs, and the influence of color on typography design; learn essential terminologies and meanings of typography; acquire essential type usage, such as type legibility and distinguishing of elements; gain knowledge of how to use typographic conventions in their own design layouts; and, generate type by using a range of digitalized, traditional and non-digital generated methods.

ART 370 Art Of Calligraphy DRA 201 and DES 200
TYPD 410 Arabic Typography GDP 420, Co. TYPD 420
TYPD 420 Typography II GDP 420, Co. TYPD 410
TYPD 421 Typography III TYPD 420, Co. TYPD 422
TYPD 422 Typography IV TYPD 420, Co. TYPD 421
Course Descriptions
ART 370
Art Of Calligraphy
This is both a theory and a studio course. Students are introduced to the history of Arabic calligraphy, its various scripts and its close interrelationship with the art of the arabesque. Application by the students of KUFI script and one of the cursive scripts is expected in the studio part of the course with the aid of computer graphics for (calligraphic) arabesque integration
Prerequisite: DRA 201 and DES 200
TYPD 410
Arabic Typography
This is a course in which students are introduced to the study of Arabic letterforms, Arabic type design, and the development of Arabic printing types in addition to a historical overview and an exposure to contemporary digital typefaces.
Prerequisite: GDP 420, Co. TYPD 420
TYPD 420
Typography II
The course emphasizes typeface investigation and generation. Students will learn to integrate Arabic and Latin typography in corporate designs, layouts and editorial designs.
Prerequisite: GDP 420, Co. TYPD 410
TYPD 421
Typography III
In this course students explore how to design their own typeface following the specific uidelines and measurements used in font design. Students will work on the software font grapher throughout the course.
Prerequisite: TYPD 420, Co. TYPD 422
TYPD 422
Typography IV
In this course students learn how to integrate type with their environment. Students will tackle public spaces and work on the environmental aspects of typography in both signage and informative systems.
Prerequisite: TYPD 420, Co. TYPD 421

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