Undergraduate Programs
BA in Communication Arts / Journalism

    The educational objectives of the Journalism undergraduate program, a few years after graduation, are as follows:

    • Graduates would write a variety of mass media products, news stories, press releases, and advertising copy, following accepted journalistic standards, including Associated Press style.
    • Graduates would create and design emerging media products, including blogs, digital audio, digital video, social media, digital photography, and multimedia.
    • Graduates would apply relevant case law involving journalism and other mass media issues.
    • Graduates would demonstrate strong research, writing, reporting and storytelling skills that are appropriate to professional expectations in broadcast journalism or documentary filmmaking.
    • Graduates would analyze current news and documentary market conditions and business models and then evaluate the marketability and viability of the implemented skills and work within that market.
    • Graduates would use technology and other craft areas to enhance the stories they choose to pursue, and which are developed from interviews, to complete compelling narratives.
    • Graduates would work in a professional, collaborative environment appropriate to broadcast news or feature articles and documentaries.


    Graduates would compete successfully for positions at graduate schools nationwide.

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