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    The Journalism major of the Communication Arts Department at the American University of Science & Technology is dedicated to prepare students for careers in journalism and related fields, as well as careers in academic research and teaching. The Department of Communication Arts works to elevate professional and ethical standards of practice, and advocates increasing public knowledge and involvement in democratic processes through dissemination of news. The Communication Arts Department is committed to providing students with a quality education in the journalism disciplines that is current, relevant, practical, and personal.

    The mission of the Journalism Program is to improve the production, delivery, and access to news; enhance the understanding of journalism’s political, cultural, and social roles in Lebanon and around the globe; encourage uncompromising dedication to the principles of the journalism profession; and, train students on the evolving types of news gathering and delivery. Hence, this program provides students with an education that enables them to enter the field of Journalism having had intensive specialized training with a particular focus on investigative, sports, security, and computational journalism.


    The Journalism Program of the Communication Arts Department at the American University of Science & Technology, as one of the top journalism program in the Lebanon, is committed to promoting a strong and independent free press. Through its curriculum, the fundamental journalistic values of accuracy, accountability, and fairness, the graduate student is furnished with skills that would make him/her to be a trailblazer in using digital and multimedia technologies in dynamic storytelling. The program of Journalism prepares its students for success in today’s exciting and innovative journalism landscape and gives its graduate students the skills and confidence to rise to the top of today’s demanding news and media-dependent professions.

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