Undergraduate Programs
BA in Communication Arts / Radio & Television

    The educational objectives of the RTV undergraduate program, a few years after graduation, are as follows:

    • Graduates would be creative and talented; and, able to fully meet the requirements of the media industries.
    • Graduates would demonstrate an advanced understanding of the business elements of production, production management, intellectual property rights and issues, financing, marketing and distribution.
    • Graduates would strong research, writing, reporting and storytelling skills that are appropriate to professional expectations in broadcast journalism or documentary filmmaking.
    • Graduates would analyze current news and documentary market conditions and business models and then evaluate the marketability and viability of their skills and work within that market.
    • Graduates would use technology and other craft areas – cinematography, videography, sound, editing – to enhance the stories they choose to pursue as these stories are developed from scripts and interviews to complete, visually compelling narratives.
    • Graduates would work in a professional, collaborative environment appropriate to broadcast news or documentary filmmaking, either on location or in the studio.
    • Graduates would exhibit an understanding of the fundamental components of visual storytelling, story structure and story analysis.
    • Graduates would articulate the various functions and roles on a film set, and demonstrate their ability to work collaboratively within that structure.
    • Graduates would demonstrate technical proficiency in a specific filmmaking discipline (Directing, Editing, Cinematography, Sound Design, Producing, Production Design)

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