Undergraduate Programs
BA in Communication Arts / Radio & Television

    The program enables students to achieve, by the time of graduation:

    • An ability to demonstrate competency with industry standard writing style & presentation.
    • An ability to identify and create fully dimensional characters.
    • An ability to write scripts that demonstrate a distinctive personal voice.
    • An ability to write a complete feature-length screenplay using the classical eight sequence/three act narrative structure.
    • An ability to demonstrate knowledge of television and film creation and production as a craft and as a collaborative process;
    • An ability to analyze and interpret audio-visual content through the perspectives of various theoretical frameworks;
    • An ability to discover and identify the historical, theoretical and business issues relating to screenwriting.
    • An ability to demonstrate an understanding of the development of film language and aesthetic perspectives through writing assignments.
    • An ability to demonstrate the collaborative skills necessary to produce a film or media project from start to finish.

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