Vision and Mission


    The Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) at AUST embraces a diverse academic community of faculty, staff, and students. The FAS instills in its students the necessary skills, knowledge and ambition so as to not only be effective and responsible participants in and contributors to both society and workplace, but also to outshine as educated, engaged, and empowered leaders.


    The mission of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is to educate students and help them become effective, creative, engaged, critical and objective thinkers, leaders, and contributing citizens. Its various fields, be it in arts, humanities, languages, translation, communication arts and computer science prepare students for successful careers in industry, government, and education sectors.  This mission is attained by providing support and continuous follow-up by the high-caliber faculty members.

    Furthermore, such a rich curriculum is a sure stepping stone for all those who wish to pursue graduate work. At the graduate level, the Faculty supports the development of a strong enriched academic environment that encourages students to conduct original research in various fields of interest, and build a repertoire of knowledge and experience that would help them develop meaningful networks and attain mastery of their disciplines.  This endeavor, in addition to the faculty’s research, professional teachings and instructions, would result in benefiting the society and expanding its knowledge base.

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Vision and Mission
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