Dean's Message

    At AUST, the Faculty of Business and Economics seeks to nurture and build business managers who are curious, mature, professional, and believe in ethical leadership. The Faculty, with its innovative education, fosters managers who are ready to serve their country, their community, and their families with humility, and who have the intention of dissipating growth, progress, and peace.

    As a conscientious group of business professors, the Faculty has evolved with one thing in mind: offer higher education that fits the Lebanese job market, in particular, and the regional and the international ones, in general.

    We seek to provide our business students with cross-cultural training experience, supported by an avid learning spirit; to foster the sharing of experience; and, to master skills and knowledge as required by the local, international, and multi-national corporations.

    At the Faculty of Business and Economics, we celebrate our success through our alumni who have succeeded in attaining jobs in well-known companies, locally and in the region.

    Our view of progress is manifested in the Faculty's continuous efforts to develop its diverse business programs and curricula to stay on a par with the latest educational requirements. Our business graduates, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, have the highest moral values ingrained in them, and are ready to take the challenges with an open mind and a free spirit. Excelling outside the university is but one goal we candidly support.

    Nabeel Haidar, Interim Dean

Dean's Message
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