Faculty of Business and Economics
Bassam Hamdar, Ph.D.
Chairperson - Dept of Economics
Office: Block A, 6th floor
Campus: Ashrafieh
Extension: 315

Bassam Charif Hamdar is the Chairman of the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the American University of Science and Technology, in Beirut. He worked at several universities and industries in Lebanon.

Dr. Hamdar has currently been appointed the commissioning editor of the World Journal of Social Science Research(WJSSR), which is published by Scholink Inc. of  445.Figueora Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071.  

Dr. Hamdar holds a BA in Business Administration from the Lebanese American University (LAU) formerly known as Beirut University College (BUC) (1981); an MS in applied economics from the American University of Beirut (1984); and a Ph.D. in applied and international economics from Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi, USA. Furthermore, he pursued a post–doctoral at the University of Maine, Orono, Maine, USA (1991) in the area of agricultural policy and forestry.

Dr. Hamdar has published several refereed papers in various journals in the areas of Agri-Economics, Management, and Marketing; he also participated and chaired several local, regional and international conferences.

Research Areas


Economics, Applied Economics Studies in Lebanon (Water Resources, Optimization Techniques, Lebanese Agro-industry, Lebanese Economy, Econometrics, …), Management, Marketing, and Human Resources.


Refereed Journal Papers Published

  • Bassam Hamdar, Ehab Aridi, Rawad Mroueh (2018). THE ECONOMICS OF SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY AND ITS RELATION TO BRAND PERCEPTION: IMPLICATIONS FOR LEBANESE CONSUMERS. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management (IJECM), vol 6, No.4, April issue.

  • Bassam Charif Hamdar, Jessica Antonios Le Port, Basima Dana, Jinane Mneimneh (2018). Economic and Behavioral Assessment of Motivation Factors of Lebanese Monetary Donors to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). International Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Vol. 6, No. 1, 2018, pp. 11-21. doi: 10.11648/j.ijebo.20180601.12

  • Bassam Hamdar, Halim Masri (2018). THE ECONOMICS OF COUNTRY OF ORIGIN AS A HEURISTIC APPROACH FOR CONSUMPTION: THE CASE OF THE LEBANESE BODYBUILDING INDUSTRY. ” International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management (IJECM), vol 6, No.4, April issue

  • Zaraket Wael, Bassam Hamdar, Hussin Hejase, & Liana Hagopian (2018). “Modeling the economic benefits of employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction in the Lebanese family businesses”. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management (IJECM), vol 6, No.3, March issue.

  • Hejase, H. J., El Skaff, D. Hamdar, B. & Hejase, A. J. (2017). Trauma Awareness and Education in Lebanon: An Exploratory Study. The Journal of Middle East and North Africa Sciences, 3(10), 8-31.

  • Hamdar, Bassam, and Sandy El Sabe (2017). “The Lebanese people’s perception of the Non-Governmental Organizations”. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management (IJECM), vol 5, No. 8, 15th Aug issue.

  • Hamdar, Bassam, Rana Najjar, and Kamel Karameh (2017). “The Lebanese Perception of the  Impact of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on the National Economy “Journal of Economics and Public Finance (JEPF), Vol. 3, No. 3, September, 2017.

  • Hamdar, Bassam, Khaled Hamdan, and Hala Kinawi (2017). “The Economic Implications of Enforcing the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the Arab Region” International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management ((IJECM), vol 5, No.7, July 15.

  • Hussin J. Hejase, Bassam Hamdar (2017). “Assessment of the Relationship between Managers’ Emotional Intelligence and Employees’ Motivation” Journal of Middle East and North Africa Sciences (JMENAS), vol.3 (4), April issue.

  • Hamdar, Bassam, Aline Sawama, and Zeinab Hamdar (2017).” The Economics of Education in Lebanon: Implications for a Brighter Future for Lebanese Students” Journal of Economics and Public Finance (JEPF), vol 3, No.2, pp 129-150.
  • Hamdar, Bassam, and Samer Nouayhid, (2017).” REMITTANCES AND FOREIGN AID AS SOURCES OF EXTERNAL DEVELOPMENT FINANCE: IMPACTS ON SAVINGS AND INVESTMENT IN POST-WAR  LEBANON “Journal of International Economics, vol 70, issue 1/1st February issue, pp47-72.
  • Gharios Robert, Bassam Hamdar, and Lena Seissian (2016). “The Economic Impacts of Liquidity and Leverage on the Financial Performance of MENA and GCC Listed Companies.” International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management (IJECM), Vol.4, issue 10 /1 5th October issue.
  • Hamdar,Bassam, Rita Abla (2016).”Knowledge and perception of cord Blood Bank among Lebanese population”. World Journal of Social Science Research (WJSSR), vol.3, no.3, PP 307-338.
  • Hamdar,Basssam, Hussin Hejase, Walid Akar, and Saadia Hassouna (2016).” The Economic Impacts of the Oil and Gas Resources in Lebanon” International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management (IJECM), vol 4, issue 7/ 15th July issue.
  • Hamdar, Bassam, Mohammad Arayssi, and Omar Al Sakka (2016). ” The Importance of Financial Programming and Medium Term Expenditure Framework During the Lebanese Budget Preparation Process” European Journal of Economics, Finance, and Administrative Sciences (EJEFAS), issue No. 88, pp. 46-59.
  • Hamdar, Bassam, Walid Akar Jad Alieh, and Mohammad Kobaissi (2016). “Modelling the Economic and Health Impacts of Smoking in Lebanon “.International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management (IJECM), vol 4, issue 7/ 15th July issue.
  • Hussin J. Hejase, Ali Dirani, Bassam Hamdar, Bassima Hazimeh (2016). “Employee Retention in the Pharmaceutical Companies:Case of Lebanon”.Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM), vol.18, issue 4, PP58-75.
  • Hamdar Bassam, Hussin Hejase, Fadi El-Hakim, Jessica Antonios Le Port, Rebecca Baydoun (2015). “Economic Empowerment of women in Lebanon” World Journal of Social Science Research” (WJ SSR), Vol.2, no.2, PP 251-265.
  • Hussin J. Hejase, Bassam Hamdar, Ghada M. Chehimi, Henriette Skaff (2015).”An Assessment of Violence Against Women In Lebanon: An Exploratory Research” European journal of Business and Social Sciences, Vol.4, no. 03, PP 42-65.





Hamdar, Bassam (1993). The Relationship Between Agricultural Policy and Forestry in the Southern Region of the United States. New York- London: Garland Publishing.

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