Faculty of Business and Economics
Robert Gharios, Ph.D.
Dean, Faculty of Business & Economics
Office: Block A, Room 605
Campus: Ashrafieh
Extension: 251

Robert Toni Gharios is the Dean of the Faculty of Business & Economics and Chairperson of the Management, MIS, Hospitality Management, and Travel and Tourism Departments at the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut. He had been the Chair of the Marketing Department for the period 2001 till 2015 and the Chair of Finance from 2001 till 2018. He has worked at several universities and industries in Lebanon.

R. T. Gharios holds a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Notre Dame University (NDU) (1992); an MBA in Business Administration from Notre Dame University (NDU) (1994). Then, he joined the Doctoral Business school at “Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik – USEK” in 1995 and successfully accomplished all the PhD course requirements in addition to the comprehensive examination. In year 2003, R. T. Gharios joined the Doctoral program of “Université De Bourgogne in Dijon-France” and earned his PhD degree in the field of Economic Sciences in September 2007. In his dissertation, R. T. Gharios designed a strategic global branding model that positively correlates with the firm’s economic value added (EVA).

In year 2015, R. T. Gharios earned a professional diploma in Digital Marketing from the “Digital Marketing Institute – DMI” and then in early 2016 he became a “Professionally Certified Marketer (PCM), a title granted by the American Marketing Association. R. T. Gharios is also a member of the “Global Association of Risk Professionals-GARP” and holds the “Financial Risk Manager” (FRM) designation. R. T. Gharios is currently a member of the “American Marketing Association-AMA” and the “Institute of Certified Management Accountants-ICMA”. In early 2017, R. T. Gharios became a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) after having accomplished all the requirements set by the ICMA. In September 2017, R. T. Gharios got a promoted to the rank of “Associate Professor”.

R. T. Gharios is highly involved in professional consulting, training, coaching, and research work.

Research Areas

Banking and Finance, Econometrics, Bank Liquidity and leverage, Consumer Behavior, and Integrated Marketing Communications.


Research Work 

Arab Economic and Business Journal (Elsevir), paper accepted for publication in December 2018 issue.

Structural and Market-Related Factors Impacting Profitability: A Cross Sectional Study of Listed Companies

Authors: Lena Seissian, Robert Gharios, & Antoine Awad


International Journal of Human Resource Studies ISSN 2162-3058 2018, Vol. 8, No. 3, August 2018

The Impact of Employee Empowerment on Organizational Commitment

Authors: Wael Zaraket, Robert Gharios, & Layla Abdel Malek


International Research Journal of Economics and Finance, paper published in issue number 164, December 2017.

The Economic Impact of Marketing Campaigns on the Lebanese Consumer: Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Authors: Bassam Hamdar, Robert Gharios, Antoine Awad, & Kazem Al-Husseini.


International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management (IJECM), Volume IV, Issue 10, October 2016 ISSN 23480386  

The Economic Impacts of Liquidity and Leverage on the Financial Performance of MENA and GCC Listed Companies.

Authors: Gharios, Robert, Bassam Hamdar, and Lena Antranik Seissian (2016).” 


Arab Banking Review, 2016 Quarter Two issue

Econometric Estimation of the Demand for Money in Lebanon

Authors: Robert Gharios, Elie Hokayem, Najwa Hokayem (2016)


Arab Banking Review, 2015 Quarter Four issue

The Impact of Internationalization on Bank Performance: Evidence from the Banking Sector

Authors: Elie Hokayem, Robert Gharios, Najwa Hokayem


Abu Dhabi University

Track chair of the ICOM 2015

Paper Presentation “Diamond Leader: Women as Entrepreneurs”.

Presenters: Robert Gharios and Maha Tahan (2015)


Arab Banking Review, 2015 Quarter Three issue

The Determinants of Bank Liquidity: Evidence from the Lebanese Banking Sector

Authors: Elie Hokayem, Robert Gharios, Najwa Hokayem (2015)


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