The Biomedical Engineering Program at the American University of Science and Technology is designed to be a highly competitive program that is based on international standards and which prepares its graduates academically with an objective that they will professionally attain, with a few years of graduation, the following Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):


    a- Graduates are practitioners in life sciences who perform quantitative measurements in living systems and make sound interpretation of obtained results.

    b- Graduates formulate and solve problems at the interface between engineering and biology as well as problems with medical relevance, including the design of devices, systems, and processes to improve human health.

    c- Graduates apply problem solving, analysis, and design skills, as well as hands-on experience to ensure continuity to successful careers in industry and/or to attain higher degrees.

    d- Graduates conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner to ascertain that the provided engineering solutions are both environmentally and societally feasible.

    e- Graduates participate as leaders on team projects, and utilize the necessary communication skills in their vocational endeavors.

    f- Graduates keep up with the rapidly evolving technologies by continuously developing and updating their knowledge and skills in their field of expertise.

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