Faculty Members

    Sakr, Amer; M.S., VP for Academic Research & Founding Director

    Block B, 1st Floor, Ext. 425

    Email: asakr@aust.edu.lb

    Attieh, Zouhair; Ph.D
    ., Dean - Faculty of Health Sciences

    Associate Professor

    Cell and Molecular Biology

    Cleveland State University, 1998

    Block A, 4th Floor, Room 405, Ext. 286

    Email: zattieh@aust.edu.lb


    Abou Sleymane, Gretta; Ph.D., Chairperson - Departments of Laboratory Science and Technology & Nutrition and Food Science

    Assistant Professor

    Human Molecular Genetics

    University Louis Pasteur, 2006

    Block A, 4th Floor, Room 407, Ext. 277

    Email: gabousleymane@aust.edu.lb


    Achraf Al Faraj; Ph.D., Chairperson - Departments of Radiologic Science & Nursing

    Associate Professor

    Biomedical Imaging

    University Lyon 1, 2009

    Block A, 4th Floor, Room 401, Ext. 298

    Email: aalfaraj@aust.edu.lb


    Badro, Danielle; Ph.D., Graduate Program Coordinator

    Assistant Professor

    Molecular and Cell Biology

    Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNSA), 2009

    Block A, Room 402, Ext: 245

    Email: dbadro@aust.edu.lb


    Nassar, Joanne; O.D., Chairperson – Department of Optics and Optometry

    Assistant Professor

    Doctor of Optometry

    Southern California College of Optometry: Fullerton, Ca, 1997

    Block A, Room 402, Ext. 526

    Email: jnassar@aust.edu.lb 


    Mansour, Issam; Ph.D., Testing and Research Advisor

    Associate Professor                                 

    Immunogenetics, Immunobiotechnology & Immunohematology

    University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6, 1993

    Email: imansour@aust.edu.lb

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