Faculty of Health Sciences
Issam Mansour, Ph.D.
Advisor - Testing & Research
Office: Block B, Room -3
Campus: Ashrafieh
Extension: 447

Issam Mansour, Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI. Born on March 29, 1963. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic University for Non-Violence and Human Rights, Beirut, Lebanon. Former founding Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut. His scientific fields of capability covers the fields of Immunogenetics, Immunohematology, Blood Banking, Bone Marrow Processing, DNA Forensics and Flow Cytometry. Researcher in the applied biomedical field, author of more than 30 scientific international publications and developer of electronic safety and management systems for transfusion medicine and for forensic laboratories.

Selected Publications


  • El Andari, Ansar, Hiba Outhman, Franco Taroni, Issam Mansour. Population Genetic Data for 23 STR Markers from Lebanon: Forensic Science International: Genetics, 2013, Vol. in press.
  • Gannage-Yared MH, Azoury M, Mansour I, Baddoura R, Halaby G, Naaman R. Effects of a short-term calcium and vitamin D treatment on serum cytokines, bone markers, insulin and lipid concentrations in healthy post-menopausal women. J. Endocrinol Invest. 2003, Aug, 26(8): 748-53.
  • Touitou I, Ben-Chetrit E, Gershoni-Baruch R, Grateau G, Kastner DL, Kone-Paut I, Livneh A, Manna R, Mansour I, Ozdogan H, Ozen S, Sarkisian T, Tunca M, Yalcinkaya F. Allogenic bone marrow transplantation: not a treatment yet for familial Mediterranean fever. Blood. 2003, Jul 1, 102(1): 409.
  • Henri de la Salle,  Xavier Saulquin, Issam Mansour, Samira Klaymé, Lominiqye Fricker, Jacques Zimmer, Jean-Pierre Cazenave, Daniel Hamau, marc Bonneville, Elisabeth Houssaint, Gerard Leferanc, Roger Naman. Asymptomatic Deficiency in the Peptide Transporter associated to Antigen Processing (TAP). Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 2002, 125, 525-531.
  • Myrna Medlej-Hashim, Nabiha Salem, Eliane Chouery, Mohamad Rawashdeh, Valérie Delague, Mustapha Haffar, Issam Mansour, Roger Naman, Gérard Lefranc, Jacques Loiselet, and André Mégarbané. Familial Mediterranean Fever: The potential for misdiagnosis of E148V using the E148Q usual RFLP detection method. Clinical Genetics, 2002, 61, 71-73.
  • Myrna Medlej-Hashim, Isabelle Petit, Salim Adib, Eliane Chouery, Nabiha Salem, Valérie Delague, Mohamad Rawashdeh, Issam Mansour, Gérard Lefranc, Roger Naman, Jacques Loiselet, Jean-Claude Lecron, Jean-Louis Serre and André Mégarbané. Familial Mediterranean Fever: Association of elevated IgD plasma levels with specific MEFV mutations. European Journal of Human Genetics, 2001, 9, 849-854.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. in Immunogenetics, Immunobiotechnology, and Immunohematology, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6, France, 1993.
  • M.S. in Organ and Bone Marrow Transplantation, Franche-Compté University, Besançon, France, 1993.
  • M.S. in Immunobiotechnology, Immunogenetics and Blood Banking, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6, France, 1989.
  • “Maitrise” in Immunogenetics, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6, France, 1987.
  • University Diploma in Immunology and Immunopathology, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6, France, 1993.
  • University Diploma in Flow Cytometry, Nancy 1 University, France, 1990.
  • University Diploma in Blood Banking, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6, France, 1988.
  • University Diploma in Medical Bacteriology, Virology and Hygiene, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6, France, 1986.
  • B.S. in Medical Laboratory Technology, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 1985.

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