Biomedical Sales & Marketing

Biomedical Sales & Marketing focuses on the needs of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and managed care companies. The target audience in medical marketing activities includes: registered nurses, pharmacists, diagnostic professionals, other biology, paramedical, or medical personnel who have been trained to communicate with doctors, purchasing departments, laboratory managers, researchers, patients, insurance brokers or other medical providers.

Successful biomedical sales and marketing requires the knowledge of well-planned and tested marketing strategies that enhance competitive advantage and expend profitability. Biomedical Sales & Marketing professionals recognize the importance of working closely with their potential and existing clients to identify their unique issues and needs. A specialist in biomedical sales and marketing can tailor products and services that create solutions, generate business, increase the awareness and usage of a company’s range of products amongst health care professionals.

The Specialty Program in Biomedical Sales & Marketing at AUST is designed to prepare students for superior ways of contacting potential customers, establish trusty relationships, identify their needs, persuade that their products or services rather than those of the competitors can best satisfy the needs, closing the sale by agreeing on the terms and conditions, and, finally, providing an after-sales service.

MKT 500 Marketing Management Placement
MKT 520 Consumer Behavior MKT 500
MGT 535 Organizational Behavior MKT 500
MKT 527 Seminar in Promotional Strategy MKT 500
MKT 560 Services Marketing MKT 500
MKT 575 Advanced Marketing Research MKT 500 & REM 055
MGT 502 Research Methods in Business MKT 500 & REM 055
MKT 585 Special Topics in Biomedical Marketing Consent of Advisor
MKT 590 Special Topics in Marketing MKT 500
MGT 590 Special Topics in Management MKT 500
REM 054 Management & Marketing Skills Dev. NONE
REM 055 Quant. Methods Skills Dev. NONE
Course Descriptions
MKT 500
Marketing Management
Controllable and uncontrollable marketing variables in today's business environment. Topics include factors affecting consumer demand and methods of satisfying it, market structure, and product-mix selection, distribution, promotion, pricing, and market research. The course structure, projects, and cases are designed to develop the students' ability to generate effective marketing strategies in the face of uncertainty in group and competitive setting. Marketing planning, marketing research, designing, and marketing policies will be implemented.
Prerequisite: Placement
MKT 520
Consumer Behavior
This course aims to provide students with the psychological, sociological, and anthropological theories related to consumer decision processes. This course reviews the major empirical findings in the literature on consumer behavior and relates them to the design and execution of effective marketing strategy. First, the course focuses on individual decision making and consumer learning. Next, the focus shifts to external influences: culture, social class, reference groups, family, and situational variables. Implications of findings in these areas for marketing strategy are reviewed, and recent developments in market segmentation, positioning, marketing communications, personal selling and perceived quality are discussed.
Prerequisite: MKT 500
MGT 535
Organizational Behavior
Current research on group behavior in organizations. Group processes and structural factors affecting the interaction process and intra- and inter group performance characteristics. An examination of various models of individual and group motivation and decision making processes and their implications for effectively leading and managing individuals and groups to achieve superior performance in organizations. Effects of variables such as organizational structures and reward systems on members' satisfaction and performance. Laboratory simulation and team research projects used to pursue advanced topics.
Prerequisite: MKT 500
MKT 527
Seminar in Promotional Strategy
Students are provided with the theoretical and practical techniques to identify promotional problems encountered by a firm and the approaches to their solution. The course will emphasize the prepration of students using a mixture of lecture, case study analysis, class discussion, and team development and presentation of an entire advertising campaign. Students will be exposed to the concepts, techniques, and methodologies of communication strategies in marketing, such as media advertising, corporate advertising and promotional campaigns. Moreover, students will be analyzing business cases to have working knowledge assessing the effectiveness of advertising and promotional mix strategies on influencing buyer attitudes and behavior. Also, students will perform media evaluation in relation to media ethics and organizational social responsibility.
Prerequisite: MKT 500
MKT 560
Services Marketing
This course provides students with working knowledge in services and services marketing with emphasis on financial services research and services management. Emphasis is on case analyses, and the application of the principles learned in the marketing management course of the program to service-oriented institutions. Students will be coached in techniques necessary in integrating the components of the marketing mix into an effective marketing strategy, the execution of that strategy, and its revision based on market response and changing conditions. A simulation game may be used to underline the integrative and dynamic aspects of strategy design and execution. Moreover, this course provides an integration of theories pertaining to a new concept of services marketing through an understanding of consumer behavior in the service encounter. Evaluation and selection of target markets, service market development and analysis, quality, price determination and marketing communication shall be also covered.
Prerequisite: MKT 500
MKT 575
Advanced Marketing Research
This course is designed to explore different techniques and tools used in processing qualitative and quantitative data that have been systematically gathered through business environmental assessments and consumer behavior studies. The various analytical approaches examined in this course will be used to develop and manage an overall corporate market stance.
Prerequisite: MKT 500 & REM 055
MGT 502
Research Methods in Business
Applications of research methods to facilitate business enterprise decision-making. Topics include review of the different research methods used (qualitative and quantitative), business environment analysis and problem definition, secondary literature review, data collection methodology as tied to hypotheses defined, questionnaires design, sampling techniques, statistical validation and results interpretation. Several cause-effect techniques studied. Students are to work on a research topic to experiment with these topics.
Prerequisite: MKT 500 & REM 055
MKT 585
Special Topics in Biomedical Marketing
Designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of various marketing characteristics and processes in the biomedical field. It explores advanced topics on the specificities of the biomedical marketing subject offered occasionally.
Prerequisite: Consent of Advisor
MKT 590
Special Topics in Marketing
A course designed to examine and review contemporary and developing issues. Identification and review of trends in marketing practices and their impact on management behavior, thought, and decision-making. A multiple set of one credit courses based on case studies and projects.
Prerequisite: MKT 500
MGT 590
Special Topics in Management
Examination of contemporary and developing issues. Identification and review of trends in management practices and their impact on management behavior, thought, and decision-making. A multiple set of one credit courses based on case studies and projects.
Prerequisite: MKT 500
REM 054
Management & Marketing Skills Dev.
Basic knowledge and skills in management and marketing are provided. Students are introduced to the fields of management and marketing covering fundamental aspects such as theory and development, organizations and managers, management functions, roles, marketing mix, strategies, leadership, and the contemporary tools and techniques used in both fields. Cases from real life situations are critically analyzed.
Prerequisite: NONE
REM 055
Quant. Methods Skills Dev.
Students are provided with a survey of deterministic and probabilistic models used in operations research and management science. Topics include probability theory and applications, forecasting methods, linear programming, simplex method, duality, sensitivity, critical path analysis, network flow, transportation problem, inventory models, queuing theory and simulation.
Prerequisite: NONE

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