Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology is a field, commonly referred to as genetic engineering. This field covers a wide variety of topics including DNA analysis, genome mapping, cell functioning, biotechnology and genetic engineering.

Molecular Biology has been gradually developing over the last century through the flow of new information in biological systems, biochemistry, microbiology, and techniques in genetics. Its development has been significantly accelerated with the birth of “Polymerase Chain Reaction” (PCR) in the eighties.

Molecular Biology has been widely used in daily testing and in multiple fundamental, medical, biotechnology research projects, ever since. Certainly, Molecular Biology would be for the 21st century much more than what microscopy had been for the 20th century.

Molecular Biology offers valuable tools for research laboratories, screening of genetic diseases, fingerprinting in forensic medicine, histocompatibility in organ transplantation, identification of microbes, infectious diseases and drug-resistance, cancer studies, genotype-phenotype interrelationships, quality control, biotechnology, agriculture and many other applications.

The Specialty Program in Molecular Biology at AUST is divided into two parts:

The first part is dedicated to familiarize students with topics related to Molecular Biology: Bioorganic Chemistry (selected topics related to biotechnology and Molecular Biology),Genetics (mechanisms of inheritance, genetic disorders, pedigree analysis, population genetics) and Molecular Biology (nucleic acids, genes and chromosomes).

The second part culminates in a series of courses that are rich in applications and practical laboratory training. These courses include nucleic acid analysis and diagnostics, DNA fingerprinting, DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis, gene cloning, genetic engineering, bioinformatics and other tools in nucleic acid research.

CLS 522 Cell & Molecular Biology NONE
CLS 524 Current Genetic Analysis NONE
CLS532L Basic Molecular Biology Tools CLS 522
CLS534L Current Techniques in Molecular Biology CLS 522 & CLS532L
CLS538L Modern Molecular Biology Applications CLS 522 & CLS 524 & CLS532L
CLS 560 Web Based Molecular Biology CLS 522 & CLS 524 & CLS 532L
CLS 570 Bioorganic Chemistry NONE
CLS 580 Seminars in Biotechnology NONE
Course Descriptions
CLS 522
Cell & Molecular Biology
This course will cover selected topics in the organization and regulation of the eukaryotic cell with an emphasis on cell structure and function, transcription regulation, RNA processing, nuclear transport, cell cycle control, as well as recombinant DNA methods and tools.
Prerequisite: NONE
CLS 524
Current Genetic Analysis
This course deals with fundamental and advanced concepts in the field of genetics. It emphasizes mainly genes and genomes, gene inheritance, genes and chromosome mutations, control of development as well as population and evolutionary genetics.
Prerequisite: NONE
Basic Molecular Biology Tools
This course is a comprehensive overview of key techniques in molecular biology related to DNA, RNA and proteins. The course covers the techniques of DNA, RNA and protein extraction, gel electrophoresis, PCR, restriction digestion, RT-PCR and protein SDS-PAGE.
Prerequisite: CLS 522
Current Techniques in Molecular Biology
This laboratory course is designed to familiarize students with current techniques in molecular biology. It encompasses hallmark applications providing students with practical knowledge of DNA nucleic acids and protein blotting and detection. In addition, students will acquire skills in clinically oriented applications such as ELISA, branched-PCR and RFLP.
Prerequisite: CLS 522 & CLS532L
Modern Molecular Biology Applications
This course is designed to familiarize students with mastering skills in modern techniques in molecular biology including quantitative real-time PCR, mitochondrial DNA extraction and sequencing and STR amplification and detection. These are conventional techniques used DNA quantitation, diagnostic molecular biology, nucleic acid typing, forensic DNA profiling and paternity testing.
Prerequisite: CLS 522 & CLS 524 & CLS532L
CLS 560
Web Based Molecular Biology
This course visualizes biology in terms of computer science and presents the most significant algorithms of computational biology. The student will learn to process molecular biology data related to RNA, DNA and proteins with emphasis on blasting, aligning, and analyzing DNA sequences, as well as determining protein secondary and tertiary structures.
Prerequisite: CLS 522 & CLS 524 & CLS 532L
CLS 570
Bioorganic Chemistry
This is an advanced course designed to provide biochemical principles and applications pertinent to cell function and membrane structure. Research-related biochemical methodologies of macromolecules identification and analysis will be emphasized.
Prerequisite: NONE
CLS 580
Seminars in Biotechnology
Includes review and scientific critique of literature, overview of research design and style of scientific papers related to Biotechnology. Students will present papers related to current literature on a weekly basis. In addition, students will attend a minimum of seven seminars by visiting scientists and submit a final report listing the date, title and name of the speaker along with a one paragraph summary of each seminar.
Prerequisite: NONE

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