Vision and Mission


    The Faculty of Health Sciences was established in 2002 and offered an undergraduate program in Clinical Laboratory Science and post-graduate specialty programs in Molecular Biology and Applied Toxicology.  Through the Vice President for Academic Research Amer Sakr’s efforts and those of the Founding Dean of the Faculty Dr. Issam Mansour, the Faculty set a new  benchmark  for health science education.

    Currently, new majors have been added, including Optics and Optometry, Radiologic Science, and Forensic Science. The Graduate Program leads to MS in Biotechnology, Bio-analytical Toxicology, and Optics &Optometry. Furthermore, graduates can pursue and attain a certificate in the following: Molecular Biology, Applied Toxicology, Biomedical Sales & Marketing, and Optics & Optometry.

    The faculty aspires to open new programs to meet the local and regional markets’ needs, such as Nursing and Food Science, Nursing, and a Pre-pharmacy program. 


    The mission of the Faculty of Health Sciences is to guide, support, and prepare students for the practice in the professions of Clinical Laboratory Science, Forensic Science, Optics & Optometry, Medical Technology , and Radiologic Sciences. To achieve these goals, the Faculty empowers students with skills based on scientific knowledge, ethical and professional attitudes and behavior.

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Vision and Mission
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