Thursday 06 April 2017
Annual School Principals’ Dinner at AUST Sidon & Zahlé

AUST Sidon hosted the annual dinner for all private and public secondary directors of schools in South Lebanon and Iqlim Al Kharroub, on Thursday, April 6, 2017. Over 200 invitees representing 92 schools attended the dinner, in addition to AUST’s President, Vice presidents, Deans, Chairpersons and AUST Sidon’s Administrative personnel. Her Excellency Deputy Bahia Hariri was also among the invitees. The gathering started with a welcoming reception at the green garden of Block B, followed by the playing of the Lebanese National Anthem. President Hiam Sakr addressed the audience, giving them a brief history on how AUST started and explaining how AUST is planning to introduce new majors in the four faculties that will be catering for the needs of the markets. A documentary of AUST was shown; this was followed by the speeches of the deans of the faculties, whereby each highlighted the existing and new majors to be offered starting the next academic year. AUST honored her Excellency Deputy Bahia Hariri by presenting her with AUST’s shield in addition to a couple of gifts. Dinner was then served while soft music was played to the delight of the audience. The dinner ended with all attendees receiving appreciative gifts from AUST including bags, plants and a collection of AUST’s publications.

Also, at the American University of Science and Technology – Bekaa held its annual school principals’ dinner at the Grand Kadri Hotel in Zahlé; this event is organized by the Director of Public Relations at AUST Zahlé, Ms. Nelly Boustany, Over 200 school principals and/or school executives were in attendance. Also in attendance was Dr. Ahmad Jammal, General Director of Higher Education in Lebanon.

The event was inaugurated by the Lebanese National Anthem, after which Ms. Majeda Dagher, welcomed the attendees and invited AUST’s President, Mrs. Hiam Sakr, to address the distinguished guests. President Sakr commenced her comprehensive address by extending a very warm welcome to all. President Sakr captivated the audience with a very thorough and insightful overview of AUST and distinctly stipulated the advancements that AUST has made since its inception. Some of the focal points in President Sakr’s address were the new majors and specialties that AUST has embarked upon; theses specialties are inclusive of scientific and social domains, such as Forensic Sciences, Optics and Optometry, Radiologic Sciences and Fashion design. The newly introduced majors signify the unparalleled determination of AUST visionaries to embrace the changing needs of the 21st century coupled with a very strong drive to bring the latest in sciences and technology to the doorsteps of the Lebanese students. Mrs. Sakr concluded her speech by granting all students who wish to enroll at AUST free admission into an intensive Mathematics and English Language summer course.

On his part, the General Director of Higher Education in Lebanon, Dr. Ahmad Jammal, welcomed the audience and congratulated AUST on its blazing trail of success and its attainment of internationally recognized standards among only 8 tertiary institutions out of the 47 in Lebanon. Dr. Jammal expressed his delight in having been able to share in many of AUST’s ventures since its early founding days.

During the dinner, the audience watched an illustrative documentary that manifested AUST as a 21st century academia hub. At the end of the ceremony, President Sakr, along with the Campus Director, Mr. Charbel Boustany, toured around the invitees and wished them all good health.

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