Saturday 20 May 2017
AUST Hosts the Recognition Event & Exhibition for the National Youth Service Week (NYSW) 2017 Under the Patronage of the H.E. Minister of Youth and Sports

The Teaching Diploma Program at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the American University of Science and Technology hosted the Recognition event and Exhibition for the National Youth Service Week 2017 and the launching of the 2018 campaign. The event was held under the patronage of HE Mr. Mohammad Fneish, Minister of Youth and Sports. The event was  organized by the Campaign Coordinating Committee, Volunteer for Lebanon (VFL) and AUST’s TD Program. The event that took place at AUST’s main campus in Achrafieh was attended by 85 NGO members, educational and youth associations, and groups of students and youth who implemented community service projects within the campaign, as well as officials from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The celebration started with the national anthem, where Lebanese Scouts greeted the Lebanese flag. The opening words noted the importance of strengthening the voice of youth and social participation in the face of despair and social collapse. Chairperson of the Department of Mathematics, Hiba Othman, delivered a welcoming word to the audience, followed by a short documentary about the American University of Science and Technology and its programs.  Following the welcome word, Dr. Patricia Nabti, the President of the Volunteer for Lebanon and the campaign's director, gave her speech declaring that the goal next year, in addition to doubling the number of projects, is to improve the quality and sustainability of projects and empower young people. Dr. Nabti called on NGOs and associations present to encourage the participation of different age groups. Then, vice-president of VFL, Ms. Sana Hassan presented the objectives and criteria for evaluation of projects implemented within this campaign. Moreover, student representatives of youth groups gave presentations on their projects implemented to serve the community. The speeches ended with the word of the patron, HE Mr. Mohammad Fneish, Minister of Youth and Sports. The minister’s word was delivered by Mr. Joseph Saadallah, the head of the youth department in the ministry. Mr. Saadallah praised the AUST and its educational role. He stressed the importance of the initiative and the importance to give young people the necessary space to express their views and aspirations and involve them in the development process. In conclusion, Mr. Saadallah praised the National Youth Service Week campaign as it promotes, facilitates and improves the establishment of programs and voluntary activities by environmental standards and encourages all age groups to participate. The representative of the HE Minister of Youth and Sports presented an honorary shield to AUST as well as an honorary certificate as a gesture of appreciation from the minister for AUST’s efforts. Moreover, honorary awards were presented to the three distinguished projects: 

1- 1st Place: Fnaydek – Akkar Official Secondary School (Access 2)
2- 2nd Place: Btaghrine-Baskenta Official Secondary School (Access 29)
3- 3rd Place: Kfarheem Secondary School

The event with distribution of certificates to outstanding projects,  a group picture and a wonderful cocktail.

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