Wednesday 17 May 2017
Imaging Day: “How Can Medical Imaging Save Life?”

Pioneer radiologists, radiographers and medical imaging scientists from major Lebanese hospitals and universities participated in the symposium entitled “How Can Medical Imaging Save Life?” The event was organized by the Department of Radiologic Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences. This year, the presentations were focused on how medical imaging techniques can help in improving healthcare management and saving human life.
After the national anthem, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Zouhair Attieh, welcomed the guest speakers and the audience coming from major Lebanese hospitals and universities.
Chairman of Radiologic Sciences Department Dr. Achraf Al Faraj, then took the floor and gave a general overview of this promising field, and presented the new Bridging Program designed for TS students who are willing to pursue their studies at AUST to obtain a BS Degree in Radiologic Sciences. Dr. Al Faraj also presented the new specialties programs in either Ultrasound or Cross Sectional Imaging (MRI/CT) and the prospective Master’s program in Advanced Medical Imaging. AUST will be the first university in Lebanon offering these graduate programs for Radiologic Sciences and Medical Imaging students.
Then, the guest speakers delivered very interesting presentations in several domains:
Dr. Daniel Mahfoud, the Head of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Department at the Lebanese American University - Rizk Hospital, talked about how ultrasound technique can be useful for diagnosing pain and sports diseases.
Dr. Gihad Chalouhi, the Head of OB/GYN Ultrasound Simulation Center at Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital, Paris, and President of SimECHO/e, delivered a talk about how Fetal Imaging can provide both anatomical and functional information that can help in a more accurate diagnosis.
Dr. Pierre Nassar, the Head of the Non-Invasive Cardiology Department at Beirut Cardiac Institute discussed the role of several imaging modalities (i.e. Ultrasound, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in the management of a cardiac patient.
Dr. Charbel Saade, the Accreditation and Technical Officer at the American University of Beirut gave a very inspiring lecture on the use of MRI for diagnosing brain tumors, and discussed the recent development in this field and the new approaches that can help in tackling this health threatening disease.
At the end of the event, the senior students of the Department of Radiologic Sciences- AUST,  presented their research projects in a poster session; and which were reviewed by the guest speakers who were impressed by the excellent level of the posters and the presentations delivered.

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