Monday 25 September 2017
The first Certified Training Program for 60 General Security Officers and Soldiers and 62 Lebanese Army Officers and Soldiers

Sixty General Security officers and soldiers and sixty-two Lebanese army officers and soldiers, men and women from different professional backgrounds, are taking part in the first Certified Training Program organized and implemented by AUST. 

The training, divided in four phases, consists of a series of workshops on computer essentials leading to the ICDL international certificate, on media issues, on web development, on LINUX and computer forensics, on After Effects, and on human resources skills in project management.
The aim of this program is to use state-of-the-art technologies and programs, coupled with continuing education and capacity building, which is fundamental to the progress and development of modern state institutions. AUST’s program asserts the importance of the collaboration between academic institutions and public administrations. This program falls within the mission of AUST to engage in community outreach programs that empower the society.
A graduation ceremony for all participants will soon take place after the completion of the training.

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