Wednesday 25 October 2017
AUST Holds 'Student Life Line'

AUST’s Sports and Activities Office organized a showcase titled "Student Life Line". The event was under the patronage and presence of H.E. Pierre Bou Assi, Minister of Social Affairs.

Several NGO's including YASA, Kunhadi, Donner Sang Compter (DSC), Lebanese Civil Defense and Remy Rbeiz Young Heart Foundation, attended the conference in block B, 7th floor; where it began by the Lebanese National Anthem, followed by a word by AUST’s President Hiam Sakr, welcoming the Minister and each NGO and expressing her gratitude for everything they have done for our community and all their achievements. Every NGO raised awareness among students by an interactive presentation to inform students that help is available whenever they need, and their plans to overcome all challenges in the future. At the end of the conference, the President Hiam Sakr and Vice President Riad Sakr awarded the Minister Pierre Bou Assi and all NGOs with an honor shield.
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The NGO’s engaged students in an interactive way, by each having a stand with their members in the garden to answer all the student’s needs.
The moments that wonderfully captured everyone’s attention was by the Lebanese Civil Defense through the shows they put on such as a controlled fire, zip-lining, and a car accident rescue making sure they educated all the watchers in a very entertaining way!
The Optics and Optometry Department encourages servitude and emboldens volunteer work in all of its facets so its students participated in this event were awareness was raised amongst students. They provided eye care services for students and staff alike, and raised public awareness on ocular conditions and diseases. Public service and social services are crucial to the development of the student’s professional profile and play a major role in the success of their future endeavor.

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