Friday 02 March 2018
AUST Engineering Team Wins 1st Prize for the 2nd year in Build-It Hackathon Weekend at AUB

AUST students from the Faculty of Engineering participated in “The Build It Weekend”, a national university-level hardware hackathon held for the second time during the weekend of February 16-18, 2018. The event was jointly organized by the AUB Robotics Club and the IEEE AUB Student Branch, with the goal being ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ to expand prototyping skills. Most of similar entrepreneurship hackathons are directed towards delivering successful business models; however, this was focused on highlighting practical skills to develop something interesting.

Twenty-seven teams from universities including AUB, AUST, AUL, LAU, LIU, LU, UOB, USEK and USJ, took part in this event. The goal was to design, build and program a working prototype of a project that would achieve a specific purpose. An exhibition was held at the end of the event, where each team displayed their project, and had it assessed by a panel of judges.

All participants were provided with the necessary tools and components, as well as an easy access to computer-based manufacturing tools, like 3D printers and CNC machines, some AUB labs, and the AUB student workshops. On Sunday afternoon, a panel of judges from AUB assessed the prototypes as to innovation, professionalism, packaging and completion.

The AUST team composed of Jad Traboulsi, Dana Hariri, Mustafa Katerji and Daoud Daoud took the first place. A team formed by 4 students from AUB, UOB, USJ and LU came in second place and a team from AUL came in third.

The winning AUST team designed and implemented a gaming platform in which several games are implemented and is controlled by a mobile phone application. The designed interface helps users play several games including Chess, Dama, Snake, and Tetris. The project was designed, 3D printed, assembled, and completely programmed during the 48-hour period. This impressed the judging panel and as a result, the team was rewarded first place and a prize of five hundred US dollars.

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