Wednesday 30 May 2018
The 14th Annual Engineering and Computer Science Project EXPO 2018

Under the patronage of the Minister of Information, H.E. Jamal Al Jarrah, the Computer Science (CSI), the Information & Communications Technology (ICT), the Computer and Communications Engineering (CCE), the Biomedical Engineering (BME), and the Mechatronics Engineering Departments held AUST's 14th Annual Engineering and Computer Science Project Expo 2018, on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018, at AUST- Ashrafieh, during which 37 Senior Capstone Design Projects were exhibited before 65 independent jury members and around 200 guests. The esteemed professional jury members were industry partners, CEOs of major industrial institutions, researchers, heads of departments, and deans of faculties from several local universities in Lebanon. The event started with a gathering, at the Office of the President; present were Mr. Jamal Fakhoury representing H.E. Jamal Al Jarrah, AUF Middle East Director, Dr. Herve Sabourin, AUST President, Hiam Sakr, AUST Vice President, Riad Sakr, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Aziz Barbar, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ziad Abu-Faraj, Chairperson of the Department of Computer and Communications Engineering, Dr. Roger Achkar, Chairperson of the Department of Computer Science, Dr. Saeed Raheel, Chairperson of the Mechatronics Engineering Department, Mr. Michel Owayjan, Chairman of the Information & Communications Technology Department, Dr. Elie Nasr, the jury members, and AUST faculty.

The group then headed to the exhibition area whereby the event was declared open with the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon. After the Lebanese Anthem, VP Riad Sakr welcomed the attendees and gave a short speech in which he emphasized the importance of such events in: being a vital stepping stone to the implementation of the university’s mission towards excellence and the building of tight collaboration between the industry and the professionals and the university’s graduates. VP Sakr then explained the importance of the Industry Advisory Board whose mission is to make sure that the curriculum of the fields of Engineering and Computer Science are compatible with the ever evolving technology trends and the digital revolution in said fields; and, the perpetuation of the acquired ABET accreditation. VP Sakr said that such an endeavor “has given students hope and encouragement, and the university’s administration and its faculties pride and perseverance.” He concluded his speech by addressing the jury members and students, saying: “We entreat you dear experts and specialists to objectively assess these students’ projects and add your value-added expertise for the sake of improvement and development, and I wish our dear students a promising and prosperous future.”

Mr. Fakhoury emphasized in his speech the importance that the Ministry of Information accords to the efforts to modernize the infrastructure so as to keep pace and be on a par with the developments and progress in technology, as well as to promote the entrepreneurship sector for this will secure the Lebanese youths’ future and would help them become independent citizens.

Subsequently, Mr. Jamal Fakhoury, President Sakr, VP Sakr, Provost Haidar, and the jury members toured around the exhibition area, and listened to each team’s short presentation on their project’s development. The evaluation of the jury members were entered into a database application in real-time, and the winners of each department were announced as follows:

First Computer Science Project:
ICU by Ahmad Fadlallah and Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mousavifar. Advisor: Dr. Saeed Raheel.
First Information and Communications Technology Project:
SHSM: Smart Home Security Maneuver Based on Nash Equilibrium by Kevin Gbalay, Amir Hijazi, and Raed Nasserdine. Advisor: Dr. Elie Nasr.
First Computer and Communications Engineering Project:
Agrone by Mohamad Al Hefel, Fadi El Debs, and Ahmad Al Hussein. Advisor: Dr. Hussein Al Haj Hassan.
First Biomedical Engineering Project:
Design and Development of a Heart Attack Detection Steering Wheel by Anthony Hadchiti, Mohamad Walid Al Chamaa, Joe Tannous, and Yehya Sraj. Advisor: Prof. Ziad Abu-Faraj.
First Mechatronics Engineering Project:
Heavy Lift Drone by Elie Sidawi, Hady Khonaysser, Michel Maroun, and Stefany Chaaya. Advisors: Dr. Roger Achkar and Mr. Michel Owayjan.
Both first winners from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (ICU Team) and the Faculty of Engineering (Heavy Lift Drone) received valuable gifts from:

1) Computer Business Machines, represented by Mrs. Rouba Rizk, Sales Manager
2) ASAP Systems, represented by Mrs. Hala Kmeid, President

Finally, President Sakr congratulated all on a job well done and expressed her pride in each student. The event ended with a cake cutting ceremony and a commemorative group picture of the event’s attendees.

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