Thursday 24 May 2018
The 3rd Annual BLOM Invest Intra-University Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE) Competition at AUST

Thursday the 24th of May marked AUST’s third annual BLOM Invest Intra-University Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE) Competition, whereby students from all faculties and campuses were given six weeks to participate in paper trading that mirrors the actual real-life market. Using the Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation, a platform with a worldwide renown, the students had to come up with a viable short-term trading strategy that both made them returns and mitigated their risks. Then, students had to defend their work in front of a jury composed of the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Dr. Robert Gharios; Mr. Georges Azzi, part-time instructor of Finance at AUST, Mr. Alexandre Mouradian, head of investor relations at BLOM Invest, and Mrs. Faten Keyrouz, investor relations officer at BLOM Invest. The jury members not only scrutinized each student’s work, but also what they had learned during this experience. This competition was not only a show of trading prowess and strength, but also a chance to learn hands-on what stock and securities trading is all about. Students were given a technical analysis workshop by Mr. Kabalan Farah, one of BLOM Invest’s prominent technical analysts and traders; and a training workshop on how to effectively use the IBTWS platform by Mr. Elie Khairallah. This technical training, coupled with the knowledge of fundamentals that the students acquired during their coursework, allowed five of AUST’s students to stand out and present as the finalists: Mr. Hussein Fares (1st place), Mr. Hassan al Husseini (2nd place), Mr. Ahmad Ahmad (3rd place), Mr. Charbel Abi Akl, and Ms. Christelle Eid. All of the finalists were asked to later participate in the National Inter-University Virtual Stock Exchange competition, which will take place in September-October 2018 and which will feature the country’s top 10 universities. In his opening note, Dr. Gharios encouraged students of other faculties to more actively participate in this experience as this benefits everyone and not only those who are majoring in the various Business fields, so that we may all learn through this experience how to effectively manage our excess income in a prosperous and lucrative endeavor. Dr. Gharios has also promised the establishment of a one-day workshop that will take place in all of the Achrafieh, Zahle, and Sidon campuses, whereby students will be more rigorously exposed to trading mechanisms and platforms, strategies, and more. Mr. Mouradian expressed his sincere pleasure in watching AUST’s students give wonderful and outstanding presentations and encouraged them to persevere on their journey to excellence. It is undeniable that AUST offers some of the best Business students in the country, who will hopefully achieve further greatness.

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