Tuesday 02 October 2018
The Annual Advisory Board Meeting at Phoenicia Hotel

On Wednesday 19th of September 2018, the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) of AUST held its annual Advisory Board meeting in Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut. The FBE’s Advisory Board is constituted of several industry leaders in different business fields. The main duties of the Advisory Board are the following: to develop an understanding of business and market, provide wise counselling to the faculty students, provide internship and job opportunities, encourage the exploration of new business ideas, and to support the development of governance-framework that enables a sustainable growth of the FBE.
A thorough presentation of the FBE’s evolution and its strategic plan for 2022 was presented by Dean Dr. Robert Gharios, shedding light on the major broad-based goals, student learning outcomes, and previous results realized at the BS and MBA levels.  

During the meeting, each member of the Advisory Board acknowledged the FBE for the effort put into the continuous curricula check-ups and modifications. Likewise, members proposed several constructive suggestions such as improving the students’ communication and soft skills through courses in personal empowerment and negotiation, and showed high interest in assisting the chairs of all FBE’s departments to design structured and guided internship programs.

To sum it up, the meeting was beneficial for both the FBE and the Advisory Board members. Then all enjoyed a friendly dinner at “Eau de Vie.

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