Thursday 29 November 2018
AUST Signs an Agreement with Norwegian Cornea Services Company

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, AUST signed an agreement with Cornea Services; a Norwegian Company specialized in providing services to the Oil & Gas Industry.
The purpose of this agreement is to create new business opportunities through a partnership, where combined strengths, world class experiences and competencies are provided to Lebanon. This Agreement recognizes the benefits of establishing a close cooperation and a long-term partnership between the signing parties, in order to pursue and develop businesses related to academic and educational interchange and services.
By this Agreement, AUST and Cornea Services agree to secure provision of first-class services within educational development programs, teaching, training, research and other relevant activities to the market.

The areas of cooperation shall aim to

▪ foster close academic ties between Lebanon and Norway;
▪ enhance research cooperation with relevant Norwegian institutions;
▪ pursue and develop relevant faculty and student exchange programs with appropriate Norwegian institutions; and,
▪ develop, organize and offer theoretical and vocational training and courses, development programs and conferences to the Lebanese market.

The meeting, attended by the Vice President, Provost, deans and concerned chairs, started by a presentation by Mr. Tor Fosse, CEO of Cornea Services, in which he explained the different points of this agreement. This presentation was followed by a discussion session.

The delegation represented by Mr. Tor Fosse and Mr. George El-Hashem, VP - Business Development ME and GCC, was welcomed after that by the President Hiam Sakr, Vice President Dr. Riad Sakr, Provost Dr. Nabil Haidar, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Aziz Barbar, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Roger Achkar, Dean of Research, Dr. Ziad Abu-Faraj, and the Chairperson of the Mathematics Department, Miss. Hiba Othman, at the President’s Office.

The Agreement was signed during this gathering, and was followed by lunch.
In the afternoon, the delegation, along with Dr. Aziz Barbar and Dr. Roger Achkar, conducted a visit to the International Maritime Academy in Jounieh, Lebanon, where they met with its Chairman Mr. Pierre Akel Abdo, and the Academy team.

The International Maritime Academy of Lebanon is the first academy in the MENA region to be fully accredited by the International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA), offering high leveled seamanship courses and professional training, while supported with cutting-edge simulator technology.

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