Thursday 29 November 2018
AUST Participates in “Univex Lebanon 2018” and “EDEX Expo 2018” for the 2nd Year

For the second year in a row, AUST took part in two big universities’ expositions in Lebanon, namely, “Univex Lebanon 2018” from the 6th till the 8th of November, 2018. at La-Salle Rmeileh; and, “EDEX Expo 2018” from the 14th till the 17th of November, 2018, at Seaside Arena. “Univex Lebanon 2018” was under the patronage and presence of former Minister of Education and Higher Education Bahia Hariri, and “EDEX Expo 2018” was under the patronage and presence of the Minister of Education and Higher Education Marwan Hamadeh.

During both expos, representatives of the various academic departments were present at AUST stands and provided interested students with the needed information about each major and its corresponding career outlooks in an interactive and friendly atmosphere. Career tests were available to help students chose the major that best suits their profile.

Many live showcases were displayed to illustrate the practical side of the various majors. The Faculty of Arts & Sciences provided students with various interactive activities that correspond to its different academic departments. School students participated in the live TV interviews and Q&A contest; organized by the Communication Arts Department. The fashion design students conducted several fashion shows to expose their designs, while the graphic design, interior design, and fine arts students showcased their work. The computer science students illustrated how security measures are implemented to various computer systems and the net. The Faculty of Health Sciences conducted sight tests, glucose tests, blood pressure tests, and radiology screenings, and presented a crime scene investigation. The Faculty of Business & Economics showcased the reflect mirror that was developed by AUST students during the Innovation and Entrepreneurship class and demonstrated the steps needed to develop a complete business plan. The Faculty of Engineering presented its students’ projects that won various local competitions among university students in Lebanon.

Draw on prizes to school students after their participation in the Q&A contests took place during the last day of the expo.

As such, “Commitment to Excellence” remains the official trademark of AUST!

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