Friday 14 December 2018
AUST and Internal Security Forces Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Supporting Lebanese Law Enforcement Agencies is part of the fabric of AUST. Since its inception, AUST has joined hands with the various branches of the Lebanese security branches to develop their activities. In 2017, AUST signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). Recently, a dozen of AUST graduates in Forensic Science joined the ranks of sergeant investigators in the military police, and another graduate was recruited as a private contractor in the Forensics Science division. AUST’s forensic team, along with the General Security (GS), was pivotal in uncovering of the fate of missing soldiers in Ersal.

The clearest demonstration of the intertwining of AUST and these agencies manifested in its avid collaboration with the Internal Security Forces (ISF). Since 2005, AUST’s Faculty of Health Sciences has lent a helping hand to the ISF investigating the string of crimes that rocked Lebanon. The services included analysis of explosives, human identification employing DNA and other trace analysis services. The collaboration culminated in AUST, with its private consulting firm spinoff Biomatrix, establishing the ISF forensic labs and training of its staff.

Recently. AUST and the ISF decided to ink their relationship to better enhance the existing efforts and further develop common interests. To this end, AUST, represented by President Hiam Sakr, Dr. Zouhair K Attieh, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Mr. Pierre Atallah, Registrar, visited the ISF General Director General Imad Othman and signed an MOU. The signing represented a roadmap for an expansive array of common projects and activities spanning education, testing services and research related to the various facets of the institutions’ mutual interests. During the signing ceremony, President Sakr reiterated the firm commitment of AUST to live up to its name through innovative technologies servicing both private and public sectors. In turn, General Othman indicated that a new policy is afoot recruiting highly educated and trained officers to tackle the ever-increasing challenges in police sciences. He affirmed as well that working with reputable academic entities such as AUST is instrumental for the successful realization of this plan.

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