Friday 14 December 2018
Award Distribution Ceremony of AUST Independence School Challenge Cup 2018

During the month of November, the Sports Activity Office at the American University of Science & Technology organized the “AUST Independence School Challenge Cup 2018,” at  the 3 branches of  AUST ( Ashrfaieh, Sidon and Zahle), where the winners of each branch competed in the finals at AUST- Beirut, on November 21, 2018. The SAO under the patronage of the FSUL President Mr. Nasri Lahoud, also organized the “AUST Chess Universities’ Independence Tournament.”

30 schools from different parts of Lebanon participated in Mini Football (Men/Women), Basketball (Men /Women), and Volleyball (Men). The Chess tournament was exclusively for universities, and took place at AUST.

The Lebanese University won the first place in the Chess competition, while the SABIS School was the star of the first part of “AUST Independence School Challenge Cup 2018”; its team won the first place in Mini Football (Male), Basketball (Male), and Basketball (Female). Sacre Coeur won the first place in Mini Football (Female), and Volleyball (Male).

In the second part, winners from Beirut Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and the South competed against each other; again, SABIS were also the rock stars in both Basketball teams and in Mini Football (Male), but ST Rock from Zahle ranked the first place in Mini Football (Female) and Sacre Couer ranked the first place in Volleyball (Male).
The total points accumulated made SABIS to win the “AUST Independence School Challenge Cup 2018”.

An award ceremony was held at AUST-Beirut in the presence of AUST Vice President Dr. Riad Sakr,  Deputy General Chamel Roukouz, the President of Sports Universities Federation Mr. Nasri Lahoud, and President of the Lebanese Chess Federation Mr. Ezzat Kraytem. At the beginning of this ceremony, Dr. Sakr welcomed the attendees and gave a short speech in which he emphasized the importance of these tournaments in molding the behavior of the Lebanese youth and in ingraining the spirit of sportsmanship; Deputy Chamel Roukouz affirmed the value of sports on molding the life and behavior of students.
In the end, cups and medals were distributed to the winners.

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