Thursday 17 January 2019
The 1st Alumni Gathering of the Faculty of Engineering at AUST

On Wednesday December 19, 2018, The Faculty of Engineering at the American University of Science and Technology organized its 1st Alumni meeting, during which best and cherished moments spent at AUST for the last 15 years were remembered and shared.

The agenda involved:


  1. Acquainting the alumni with the new accomplishments and progress of the Faculty of Engineering throughout the past years.
  2. Sharing the vision and mission of the Faculty of Engineering.
  3. Launching the FOE Alumni Main Chapter at the American University of Science & Technology.
  4. Launching the FOE Research & Development (R&D) Unit, which will serve as a vital link between the faculty and its alumni to exchange expertise, identify and solve technical problems, help create products and services, and carry out research in relevant areas. 

Around 120 alumni were welcomed by AUST President Hiam Sakr, who encouraged them to always keep in touch with each other and their university.
Then, VP Dr. Riad Sakr addressed the alumni as “AUST Ambassadors”. He talked about what AUST has to offer them and what is expected from them in return in order to develop a collaboration that would benefit the generation of prospective graduates.

Another word was given by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Roger Achkar who welcomed them and expressed his joy in seeing most of engineering alumni gathered during this festive season. Dr. Achkar presented the achievements of the Faculty of Engineering during the last 15 years, and stressed the importance of such relation and cooperation between AUST and all its graduates. He continued his speech by saying: “The success of any school can be measured by the contribution of the alumni. You are AUST's most loyal supporters. You generate invaluable word-of-mouth marketing among your social and professional networks. By your involvement, AUST can continue to benefit from your skills and expertise. You are great role models for current students and are well placed to offer practical support to these students as they start their careers. You take the knowledge acquired to your hometowns and into your professional and social networks.”

The ceremony was followed by a round table discussions prepared by Dr. Mustafa El- Halabi and Mr. Michel Owayjan, where several questions were discussed, such as:


  • As an alumnus of AUST, what do you expect from your Alma Mater?
  • As an alumnus of AUST, what would you expect from the FOE Alumni Association?
  • As an alumnus of AUST, in what capacities would you be able to contribute to your Alma Mater?

At the end, the attendees gathered around a lush buffet, and raised their glasses in salute, wishing each other a Happy & Successful New Year!

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