Thursday 28 February 2019
AUST Honors the Ambassador of United Arab Emirates Dr. Hamad Al Shamsi

The American University of Science and Technology (AUST) held a reception in honor of the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dr. Hamad Al Shamsi, on 21 February, 2019. President Hiam Sakr spelled out the reason for choosing Dr. Shamsi to be the honoree in this reception as “in recognition of and in tribute to his dedication and service to the Lebanese institutions and citizens.” 

The reception was attended by over a hundred persons, including members of parliament, ministers, ambassadors, dignitaries, Board members, and universities’ presidents, vice presidents, deans and chairs.

There were speeches by AUST President, AUST’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and H.E. Dr. Shamsi, in addition to two video projections about the United Arab Emirates and AUST.
In his speech, Dr. Shamsi extolled the virtues and capabilities of the Lebanese individual, and told of his experience and life in Lebanon as a student and as a diplomat. For Dr. Shamsi, being an ambassador in Lebanon is a fulfilment of a dream and the fruit of persistent effort.

The President of AUST presented the honoree with an Abaya designed and executed by the Fashion design students and their instructor, Mr. Majed Bou Tanios, a sculpted work of art made of Cedar wood, a framed certificate documenting the event, and a collection of books related to Phoenician history and Lebanese cuisine. In return, His Excellency presented President Sakr with 3 compendium of books by H.H. Sheikh Khalifeh bin Zayed Al-Nahyan and Sheikh Mohammad Al Maktoum.

The event was rich in attendees, spirit and meaning… and certainly with the superb food and service.
Mabrouk to H.E. Dr. Hamad Al Shamsi

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