Thursday 21 March 2019
AUST Communication Arts Alumna and Renowned Journalist Recipient of the Shifa Gardi Award

The Communication Arts Alumna Ms. Jenan Moussa, a renowned journalist for Al Aan TV was honored with the celebrated Shifa Gardi Award for exceptional reporting on the ground across Iraq, Syria, the Middle East and North Africa, during a ceremony in the Kurdistan Region capital of Erbil, on February 25, 2019; she received the award from the former President of France Mr. François Hollande – who in turn delivered the keynote speech.

Moussa said upon reception of the award that "Shifa was of course brave. She could have stayed at home. She could have stayed in the studio. Nobody forced her to do this dangerous job. But she did. She reported from a warzone and paid the ultimate price ….; with this award I also hope that Shifa's name will live on forever: Through my work. Through my stories. Through my reporting.  She will always live on to her family, to her friends and to the Kurdish people who have played a huge role in defeating ISIS.” Later on, Moussa thanked the members of the jury on twitter and admitted that before 2011, she did not know much about the Kurds. But afterwards, she went to Syria and Iraq and met many Kurds and covered many stories.

Mr. Hollande in his turn said that “We all have to coordinate not only to overcome the war but also to bring out peace and stability. The first decision that shall be made is the reconstruction of liberated areas and institutions. We have to try to let people live in stability and peace and they should be able to own their own decisions in the community.”

It is important to note that Ms. Moussa had graduated from AUST in 2006 with High Distinction. During her academic years, Ms. Moussa was granted the 2005 Gebran Tweini Award and a full scholarship from Annahar Newspaper. The Communication Arts Department is so proud of her and considers Ms. Jenan Moussa to be a role model for all students majoring in this field. 

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