Saturday 01 June 2019
AUST Hold an Ordinary Session at the Lebanese Parliament

The Communication Arts Department, headed by Dr. George Farha, Chairperson of the Department, a body of faculty members and 128 students held an ordinary session at the Lebanese Parliament on Tuesday 21st of May.  The session was chaired by H.E. Deputy Speaker Elie El Ferezli. Mr. El Ferezli inaugurated the session, and after a reading out of the names of the students who were absent-with excuses, before the general assembly, the Deputy Speaker addressed the assembly and welcomed all, and hailed the Lebanese democratic parliamentary organization which we relish, as well as the values of co-existence and the national pact.

H.E. the Deputy Speaker stressed the importance of dialogue among all Lebanese and underscored unity before egoism. He believes in brighter days for Lebanon and told the assembly to hold on to their homeland Lebanon, and emphasized the massive effort being done by all political elites to relinquish the status-quo, and to push for development and drastic change.

Dr. George Farha, in his turn, spoke of the importance of the Lebanese Parliament and said: “In this prominent Hall, chapters of the Lebanese history were written. Many Lebanese presidents were elected, and many governments were given the votes of confidence. Under this dome, legislation was promulgated, the Constitution was amended, and the representatives of the Lebanese people spoke their hearts out.  In this exceptional Hall, social issues were deliberated, and the dreams and hopes of all Lebanese were cherished. And today, in this same hall, our students from the Communication Arts Department partake in this new chapter of their academic lives: They dream of a new Lebanon, under the sun of democracy. They dream of a nation where they can make a living in peace and with dignity. Students who have in store loads of questions concerning their immediate future, the economy, employment etc. They have come to listen to the legislator who will relinquish their despair and doubts around the project of the state, democracy and liberty.”

Dr. Farha then thanked on his behalf and on behalf of the Communication Arts Department of the American University of Science and Technology, H.E. Speaker of the House Mr. Nabih Berry, and H.E. Deputy Speaker Elie El Ferezli for his prompt and active collaboration in this unique encounter. Knowing that he is a man of dialogue, as well as of initiative of high caliber. He told the students: "You are part of a unique and unusual experience."  

Deputy Speaker El Ferezli, in turn, lent an ear to all the addresses by the following students: Mr. Nader Assaad, Ms. Yasmina Akar, Ms. Jana Awkal, Mr. Ezzat Kais, Mr. Nizar Marroush, Mr. Said Tabbara and Mr. Ali Al Natour. Deputy Speaker then gave the right to speak to Dr. Ramy El Rayes, a political science instructor, who cherished the initiative by the Lebanese Parliament to welcome AUST students and listen to their concerns. Q&A session ensued to which Deputy Speaker took time to respond in obvious detail. The session was adjourned at 12:00 noon.

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