Research and Development

    Amer F. Sakr                    Vice President for Research

    Ziad O. Abu-Faraj             Dean for Research


    Dean’s Message


    Research and Development at the American University of Science and Technology outlines the intellectual environment of the institution. Experimental investigations—conducted by the researchers in various disciplines within the Institution—are steered towards finding innovative solutions which would impact individuals, communities, and the world. They are to create a culture by which students are trained to utilize a rational, evidence-based approach to solve real-life problems.

    My role and responsibilities as the Dean for Research are to:

    • Provide a strategic vision for the research at AUST
    • Draft and implement the research policy for AUST
    • Form a Research and Ethics Council for AUST
    • Constitute and activate the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
    • Promote humane and ethical human and animal welfare program and help protect the University from research risks
    • Oversee partnerships with industry and extramural partner institutions in coordination with the Faculty Deans
    • Foster new research initiatives
    • Assist faculty members when possible in applying for research grants with special emphasis on CNRS grants
    • Support and assist faculty when possible to form successful collaborative research groups
    • Publish a Faculty Research Manual
    • Act as the University representative on national research committees
    • Encourage students’ participation in national and regional research competitions


    Interested investigators are recommended to browse through the university’s website in order to attain more information about the various research activities that are conducted under the umbrellas of AUST’s four faculties.



    Ziad O. Abu-Faraj, Ph.D.

    Dean for Research

    Professor of Biomedical Engineering

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