The Research and Ethics Council (REC)

    The Research and Ethics Council (REC) is a faculty council responsible for studying research proposals and deliberating on whether release time for research and/or seed funds are to be granted or not. Furthermore, the REC is to be a review board for projects that may have ethical and/or physical implications.

    Constitution and Meetings of the Council: The REC shall have one representative from each Academic Faculty appointed by the Academic Dean and chosen from the rank of Associate or Full Professor with a substantive amount of scholarly research. The REC shall meet at least eight times per year and whenever there is need to do so.

    Job Description and Procedures: Faculty members who have research projects that require time release, university financial support, or may involve ethical or physical implications should submit a summary of their research proposal to the REC for deliberation. Time release and/or seed money are channeled through this council, and recommendation for granting a reduction of teaching duties and/or research seed money are to be recommended to the Executive Council by the Research and Ethics Council.

    Regardless of whether time release or seed money are sought, any research project that may carry experimentation on human beings and/or animals or that may carry ethical, physical or moral implications must be screened and approved by the Research and Ethics Council. For this purpose, a special application is to be filled by the investigator and the commencement of the research is to be conditional on the approval of the REC since any research done on university premises is considered to be under the responsibility of the university. The REC is also to follow up on the research and request regular reports and call for special meetings of the Executive Council if need be.

The Research and Ethics Council (REC)
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