Attendance Regulations

    Students registered at AUST are expected to attend all classes and laboratory sessions. Any student who absents herself/himself from any class or laboratory session will be held responsible for the work done, and for all announcements made in the class or in the laboratory session.

    Individual instructors must keep attendance records for all classes and laboratory sessions and must report absences to the administration on a weekly basis.

    Make-up work is only allowed in case of major illness or emergency, and after the approval of the Provost, the Dean of Students and Admissions, and the Registrar. Students cannot miss more than the equivalent of 3 weeks of instruction in a course and still receive credit for the course. However, instructors have the right to impose specific attendance regulations in their classes provided that the number of absences allowed does not exceed nine class lectures. Instructors can limit the total number of absences down to one week, if they choose to do so.

    Note: AUST has the right to contact the student’s parents or guardians for issues related to unexcused absenteeism.

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Attendance Regulations
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