Grading System and Grade Point Average (GPA)

    AUST uses the letter grading system. Each letter is associated with a certain number of points from which the grade point average (GPA) is calculated. The table below explains the meaning of the letter grade.

    Letter Grade Numerical Grade Equivalent Assessment Points
     A  90-100  Excellent  4.00
     B  80-89  Good  3.00
     C  70-79  Satisfactory  2.00
     D  60-69  Passing  1.00
     F  Below 60  Fail  0.00

    The following grades or connotations are not counted in the Grade Point Average (GPA):

    - Incomplete (I): It is given when a major part of the course has not been completed.

    - Pass (P): It is a credit granted for remedial courses.

    - Repeat(R): It appears next to repeated courses.

    - Transfer (T): It appears next to transferred courses.

    - Withdrawal (W): It is given when a student withdraws from a course within the withdrawal period deadline.

    - Academic Withdrawal AW): It is given by the instructor for excess absenteeism.

    - Audit (AU): This appears next to an audited course.

    - In Progress (IP): It appears next to currently registered courses.

    The Grade Point Average (GPA) is the sum total of all points accumulated, divided by the total number of credits for which the points were earned.

                                  Sum of points for all courses taken

    Cumulative GPA = -------------------------------------------------------

                                 Total number of credit hours for the above courses

    Grade Reports

    Faculty members should submit to the Registrar’s Office the final grades of each course they teach no later than 48 hours after the final examination of the said course(s). Faculty members may correct calculation errors within two weeks from the submission date, provided that the approval of the concerned chair and dean is obtained. Beyond the two-week limit, no grade may be changed except by action of the Executive Council based on the instructor’s approval. Final course's grades are posted by student ID number on the University's online system. The reports of the students' final grades may be sent to guardians or parents upon request. Official transcripts of record showing the total performance of the student at AUST are sent, upon the students’ request, directly to the intended recipient in closed envelopes and marked as “Official”. Student copies of the transcript of record may be issued directly to the student and they are marked as “Student copy”. All transcripts of records are issued after payment of a fee at the Bursar’s Office.

    Student’s advisor and the Office of the Dean of Students and Admissions have a free access to the student’s grades' report.

    Incomplete Grades

    All the work assigned for a course must be completed during the semester, except for the final project which may be completed according to acceptable arrangements with the instructor. Accordingly, the instructor will issue a grade of incomplete (I) for the course. The incomplete grade will be recorded on the student’s record. Changing an incomplete grade to a letter grade must take place within 8 weeks from the beginning of the following semester; or, 3 weeks after the end of the summer session.


    Withdrawal from Courses


    Withdrawals from courses with a grade of W (which will appear on the student’s record) are allowed until the end of the twelfth week after the beginning of a semester and until the end of the third week after the beginning of a summer session. Withdrawals beyond the set deadlines are not allowed. Any withdrawal after the set deadlines will result in a final failing grade of (F), which will appear on the student’s record.

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Grading System and Grade Point Average (GPA)
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