Summer I Semester 2016-2017

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    June, 2017  
    Monday 5th till Tuesday 6th Registration for Summer I 16-17
    Wednesday 7th Classes begin for Summer I 16-17
    Wednesday 7th till Friday 9th Drop & Add Period
    Thursday 22nd Commencement Day
    Sunday 25th till Tuesday 27th Id Al Fitr, Holiday
    Wednesday 28th Classes resume
    July, 2017  
    Thursday 13th Classes end for Summer I 16-17
    Friday 14th till Saturday 15th Reading Period
    Monday 17th till Wednesday 19th Final Exams
    Thursday 20th till Friday 21st  Posting of grades
    Monday 24th till Tuesday 25th Registration for Summer II 16-17
    Wednesday 26th Classes begin for Summer II 16-17


Summer I Semester 2016-2017
Summer II semester 2016-2017
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